Volunteer Spotlight: Tyler Julius

We asked Tyler about her work with Chemocessories and what it means to her

What do you do for Chemocessories?

“I mainly put together sets based on the requests we receive, and I love that every set is unique because as a 100% volunteer-based nonprofit, we work with what is donated to us. I’ll also help with cleaning the jewelery and taking them to the post office when needed.”

How and why did you get involved with our organization?

“Iris, founder of Chemocessories, is my best friend’s mother, and seeing her strength while battling cancer was an inspiration. When she started this organization, she was using her eldest child’s old bedroom as an office. I was always over at their house and would help Iris put together sets because I saw first-hand the difference a set could make to someone going through chemo. As the organization grew, I’ve continued to make sets and joined the board. It’s been so lovely to see more volunteers come on board to help us increase our output and make more women feel better during one of the toughest periods of their lives.”

What’s the best part about being a Chemocessories volunteer?

“I love the atmosphere of volunteering on Friday afternoons. We have four women from the local Neptunians club who help out consistently, and we’ve developed a great group rapport filled with banter. I always look forward to their wonderful company and life updates.”

What has been your most rewarding experience as a volunteer?

“The most rewarding experience for me has been reading the messages we’ve received from recipients. So many heartfelt thank yous and stories about how their set truly brightened their day when they really needed it.”

Interested and able to help?

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Thanks to our volunteers, such as Tyler, Chemocessories has been able to donate more than 16,500 accessories sets to women going through cancer treatment.

Want to get involved? Visit our website to learn more about volunteering your time or contributing funds so that we can continue our mission to warm hearts, lift spirits, boost confidence, and provide smiles, one accessory at a time.