What People Are Saying

Chemocessories is honored to be able to connect with people throughout the country. Read what some of our wonderful gift set recipients and volunteers have said about Chemocessories.

Lisa's Story

We are continually inspired by the women who have been touched by cancer, such as Lisa, a Chemocessies gift set recipient who has generously allowed us to share her story.

“The trip has been long so far, and I’m not there yet, but I’m pushing through. I have an amazing support system of family and friends, and my husband (my biggest supporter)…”

  • Thank you so much for making this available. It will give me a good day.

    Nova M.
  • Terrific organization. Iris does an amazing job helping women feel good about themselves at a difficult time.

    Rachelle K.
  • Thanks for making us beautiful.

    Theresa W.
  • This is a wonderful gift for women. I am just starting chemo, it’s a scary time.

    Sherry T.
  • I was just diagnosed with breast cancer and I thank you for doing this for me. I am overwhelmed and scared and something like this brings a smile to my face.

    Karen J.

Volunteer Spotlight: Tyler Julius

Chemocessories appreciates all our amazing volunteers. We recently sat down with one of our dedicated volunteers, Tyler Julius, and asked Tyler a few questions about her work with our organization and what it means to her.

“The most rewarding experience for me has been reading the messages we’ve received from recipients. So many heartfelt thank yous and stories about how their set truly brightened their day when they really needed it.”

  • I was a volunteer at Chemocessories for two years and loved every minute of it. Seeing how much passion and effort Iris puts into this organization has been inspiring. Though my role was only updating the website and doing other small tasks, I clearly saw the positive impact Chemocessories has for everyone who receives a gift. In all, this is an amazing organization and I hope it continues to make people’s lives better.

    Kyla Y.
  • I have been a volunteer for two years and have seen how people respond to the gift sets we send. It has such a positive influence on a person going through chemo and how they feel about themselves. We get notes of appreciation about what a lift our sets gave them emotionally. Also, some people send pictures of themselves with the turban, necklace, earring and bracelet on so we can see how nice they look in our gift. The healing process responds to how you feel about yourself.

    Michele C.
  • I am a volunteer who helped put some articles together to send to a woman who needed a little lift while going thru chemo. I was surprised how each and every volunteer worked so hard at making just the right choices to complete a set that would go to someone they didn’t know and would never meet. When I read the letters from the women who received these packages, I sat with tears in my eyes, knowing that I had also been a part of making someone feel better about what they were going thru. THANKS TO CHEMOCESSORIES FOR GIVING ME THIS CHANCE TO HELP OUT.

    Ileene M.
  • Chemocessories is just one of those incredible gifts to our world. As a two time cancer survivor I know all too well the difficulty of facing cancer with dignity and self-confidence… that is exactly what Chemocessories does for those facing the difficulties of the disease. By receiving a Chemocessories package, people around the world know they are not alone. I feel so fortunate to live in the in same city as Chemocessories and therefore I am able to volunteer my time and give back when I can. I can also tell you that the leadership of the nonprofit are the most caring, kind, compassionate people I have ever met. Keep up the amazing work… thank you for all that you do!

    Joshua K.

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